Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom

This has been a year that has been dominated by Olympic events, more cough medicine sponsored riders and other such travesties. Luckily one event holds strong. Like an EMT giving life back to someone who just choked on a Subway Footlong®, the Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom revives the heart of snowboarding. In it’s 25th year as a contest (the oldest snowboarding contest in the world and still running on the same course it always has) the Legendary Banked Slalom sets the stage every year as one of the most enjoyable and intriguing contests of the season. Salmon BBQ’s, beer, banked turns, crappy weather and good vibes all litter the mountain the first weekend of February. Does anyone remember when snowboarding wasn’t in the Olympics? Stay high on the banks. Say your prayers. Drop in. &Enjoy.

On Deck

Say your prayers.

Start gate.

Racer Ready… 3, 2, 1, GO.

Natasza Zurek out of the gate.

Eagle’s eye view of the start gate.

Backdrop to the banks.

Dirty Jersey’s Shane Pospisil

Nate Farrell: Ozzy fan, war history buff, and banked turn destroyer.


Staying high on the banks.

Pizzle slashing the crowd.

Rob Kingwell shows the kids how it’s done, switch.

Farrell, digging that edge.

With form like that, Josh Dirksen landed on the podium.

DCP, see ya next year. Enjoy.


~ by Ryan Loughridge on 2010/02/10.

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