Table Mountain

This was taken on my last night in South Africa, atop Table Mountain, overlooking Cape Town. I miss this place. 8 separate images stitched together. Click on the image to see it in a larger format.


~ by Ryan Loughridge on 2010/09/06.

4 Responses to “Table Mountain”

  1. Stunning Ryan 🙂 How did you stitch them together? I’ve recently done a basic photography course, and learnt about taking pics in different exposures, in RAW and then putting them together. is that how? Very cool either way!

    • Thanks Claire! I took 8 vertical photos in RAW, overlapping them each by about 30%. I then batch toned them in Bridge, then did a Photoshop process called photomerging. It automatically stitches them together to make the panorama. I then did a few final touches inside Photoshop.

  2. Ryan, Thanks for posting this photo (or should I say photos?)of Cape Town. I love how you captured the sun’s rays at the rock on the left.

  3. This is such a awesome picture!

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