I’m starting a new personal project. As I have travelled I have become very aware of  human impact on environment. Beautiful landscapes interjected with track homes, telephone wires, smokestacks, shopping malls, freeways, contrails, smog and clutter. Within this new project I will be exploring juxtapositions. I will find new ways to make the artificial entities play-in with their environments. I call this ‘Monolith’, I had intended to shoot the mountain in the distance during a glorious sunset, but when I reached what I thought would be a good vantage point, I had discovered an arrested development. Trash cans, 1/2 finished roads, and a collection of concrete work, mangled and abandoned. This one was perched on its end, upright. I could only imagine what our ancestors would think it meant. A relic? A pillar? Nope, just waste, leftover from a time of economic strife and human greed.


~ by Ryan Loughridge on 2011/02/05.

2 Responses to “Monolith”

  1. Love then photos and the idea behind it. Good Job Ryan!

    Aunite Amy

  2. Wow! Denver Environmental Film Festival, 2012?

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