These are some skate photos which you have likely seen over the last few years. The bottom line is this: skateboarding has been my passion ever since it came into my life. It has pushed my creative development as an artist and drove me towards photography in the first place. Growing up in colorado it was a mainstay in my life from an early age. In the winter I was snowboarding, in the summer I was skateboarding. This is what makes me tick.

Zachary Taylor, Ollie on the roof bumps.

Joe Oliver Eddie, Air to fakie inside the garage

 Patrick Hergins, Couch Ollie inside the Warehouse

Drew Brighton, Slam

 Paddy O’Connor, Pop-Shuvit

Joe Oliver Eddy, Getting Crooked, Park City, Utah

Kevin Puhl, Backside Flip, Up Over And Out, Ventura California

 J.R. Watson, Crail, Ventura, CA


~ by Ryan Loughridge on 2011/08/04.

One Response to “Passion”

  1. Excellent Photos !!! Awesome !

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