Name: Ryan Loughridge

Born: 1986

Hometown: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Education: BA, Brooks Institute, 2010

Occupation: Multimedia Journalist

Interests: Photography, film, painting, skateboarding, travel, cultures, history, music, and the outdoors.

About: Ryan Loughridge is an award winning visual journalist based in Los Angeles, California. While receiving his education at Brooks Institute, Loughridge won a Bronze medal in the 64th Annual CPOY contest. After receiving his BA from Brooks in June of 2010, he attended the XXIII Eddie Adams Workshop. Also in 2010, Loughridge worked on two feature length international documentaries, taking him to South Africa and Southeast Asia. His print work has been featured in various publications, local museums and print galleries. In 2011, Loughridge paired with fellow visual journalist Jeff Johns, to create Doc NOW Media. The Doc NOW mission is streamed for delivering a wide range of visual media, including documentary and commercial video, as well as an outlet for stills. “I aim to create visually stunning multimedia. Whether it be photography, design, film, or audio, I want to blow the minds of anyone who experiences my work. I strive for excellence. Self expression is held in the highest of my regards.”  Loughridge shoots to bend the rules of art and movement, while incorporating that which is the human experience.


6 Responses to “Bio”

  1. Felt like I was there. Photos were very creative and really captured my attention. Especially like the people pictures…….coffee plantation. Very fun to look at.

    Let me know when you put on more.


  2. Great site.



  3. Hey went to Brooks. Stumbled upon your page, Love your work, some of best I’ve seen from any brookies. shoot me an e-mail.

  4. Have a blast in South Africa. Your photography is awesome, Ryan. I can’t wait to see your photo journal of your latest journey. Be safe and have a GREAT time. Aloha, your Aunt Amy in Las Vegas!!!!

  5. So good to meet you today Ryan 🙂 My mind was successfully blown by the stuff you guys were doing today! Good luck with the rest 🙂

  6. Ryan – Your work is awesome ! I wish you the best in all your future endeavors! Judy Haller

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