Ryan Loughridge

Los Angeles, California, USA



5 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Hi Ryan

    Your photographs are beautuful – no doubt you hear that a lot!

    I am asking for permission to draw / paint (oils) a couple of your images (Wyoming Cowboys). It’s unlikely they will end up going for sale, as this kind of topic is not popular here in Townsville (Australia) – people prefer FLOWERS. (UGH!)

    My interest is mainly personal, as the images remind me of my counrty hometown – Goondiwindi. Anyway – it’s always wise to seek permission prior to exploring the use of anyone elses images.

    Your thoughts?

    Kind regards

    Tanya Childs

    • Tanya,

      Thanks for asking permission for this. As a professional photographer I do not hear this enough! Please feel free to use any of my images for painting reproductions. All I ask is that you send me images of your final work, or a link to where I may be able to see them. Enjoy!

      -Ryan Loughridge

  2. Thanks Ryan – I really appreciate you replying!

    I haven’t really ventured much into web pages – I did a Google one for an Early Arts Education Assignment and I posted a couple of paintings on there. I can send you the link for that when I have finished a work?

    I am excited to get started! Your work is inspiring!! Thank you!

    Tanya 🙂

  3. Hi Ryan
    This site was actually created as a website assignment I had to do as part of a post-grad curriculum in arts – studies. I have simply added a couple of pages to it with a number of paintings (images of), since I can’t remember how I started the site in the first place! Here you will find an almost complete painting based on one of your cowboy images. Hope you can see it…
    Thanks again – I hope to paint some more this coming week 
    p.s feel free to delete this comment due to it having a link in it, on your page. I have no other way to contact you!
    Tanya Childs

    • Wow! You have amazing talent. If you ever print any of the paintings derived from my photographs I would love a couple signed copies. Again I am very flattered. For any further correspondence here is my email address Thanks for sharing!

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