The 2

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Two weeks ago I had a choice: sit in LA traffic on the 15 & 210 on my way home from Nevada and take two hours to get home, or take Highway 2 through a scenic mountain landscape and take two hours to get home. The choice was simple.

Downtown LA from Highway 2



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Cris Crotz makes a splash

Cris Crotz makes waves

Branding at Big Creek Ranch

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I went out to see the cowboys of Big Creek Ranch do what they do. On today’s menu: branding, innoculations and castrations. This is the way of life for Wyoming, Cowboys.

Cowboy, Wyoming, Gate, Cowboy Hat

Cowboys, Wrangling, Cows

Cowboys, Branding, Wyoming, Encampment, Big Creek Ranch

Branding, Roping, Castrating, Innoculations, Cattle

Cowboys, Kids, Family

Cowboys Branding, Smoke

branding smoke surrounds a cowboy's boot

A Cowboy walks his horse, Wyoming

Lightning at Wrangler’s Tree

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Lightning at Wrangler's Tree, Outside of Encampment, Wyoming

The Spins

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I love living in LA, but I miss the beauty of the real night sky. This was taken outside of Encampment, Wyoming.

The North Star, Near Encampment, Wyoming By Ryan Loughridge, ©2011


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Justin Howe, Wyoming Cowboy.

Justin Howe, Wyoming Cowboy By Ryan Loughridge, ©2011

Updates At Doc NOW Media

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It’s been a crazy busy week here in LA. My roommates and I have been hard at work cutting reels, promo videos, photo galleries, business cards, websites and social media hogwash. Although I wish I had more to share with you right now. I can give you a taste of what’s been taking place. Head over to and watch the two videos, “Light” & “Dark” to have a sample. Enjoy!

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